The Dysfunctional Pittsburgh Steelers


Sam Cwynar, Sport Writer

Sadly, the first time in a very very very long time, the Pittsburgh Steelers have not clinched a playoff berth.  Without a doubt, this comes from a various amount of drama in the locker room.  I will state in this piece why the Steelers have become one of the most toxic teams in all of the NFL

Le’Veon Bell Controversy

Le’Veion Bell is one of the biggest headaches the Steelers encountered in recent years. Le’Veon Bell or should I say, a multi-millionaire that continues to complain about money? Listen, if you are a multi-millionaire like Bell,  why is money an issue to him? This superstar never has to step on a field another day in his life. HE CAN JUST RETIRE!  It appears that money is not an issue with him. But why should he care about it? That is the infamous answer we will probably never hear unfortunately because Bell has been quiet about it. My personal belief for this answer is fame and jealousy. Jealous the whole time because Antonio Brown was stealing his spotlight, and don’t worry, we will talk about Brown later. From week one of training camp, Le’Veon Bell refused to participate because of money and contract disputes. From there on out, he kept quiet about the controversy. Finally, after week 11, Le’Veon finally decided to opt out of the 2018-2019 season to increase his signing value. All in all, Bell just worried about the money not winning or losing.

Antonio Brown Going to Oakland?

From the start of summer camp, we all know Antonio Brown likes to be exotic. Recently Antonio Brown has signed a deal with the Oakland Raiders. This deal comes after Antonio ripping into the Pittsburgh Steelers organization for recent incidences with Big Ben and Steeler management.

Big Ben 

Sadly, most of these former Steelers are blaming their departure on Ben Rothlisberger. Brown and Bell are both claiming Ben has too much control in the locker room and he is making too many bad decisions. Both players claim that the front office allows Ben to do whatever he likes to do and call out players who are underperforming.

For there is one certainty:  the Steeler Nation is looking for harmony in the locker room and vast improvement during the 2019-2020 season.-Sam Cwynar-Sports Editor